Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres outfielder Ha-Sung Kim has been hitting again today. He finished tied with Ichiro for the most consecutive games with multiple hits, but his second-half performance has been so impressive that he’s being considered for MVP.

Reporter Seok Min-hyuk reports.

Kim struck out swinging in his first and second at-bats.

In his third at-bat, he got an unfair call.

A seven-pitch splitter in a two-strike, two-ball situation.

It looked like an obvious ball, but it was called a strike and he was out again.

Kim swallowed his disappointment. In his fourth at-bat of the ninth inning, he got his chance.

He cracks an outside slider for a single up the middle. A hit in 14 consecutive games.

Unfortunately, his streak of multiple hits stopped at 15 games, the same as Ichiro.

Still, Kim’s performance this season has been phenomenal.

He’s first on the team in batting average and second in slugging percentage and on-base percentage combined.

He’s also striking out 4.36 times per at-bat, which is fourth in the majors, and he’s doing his job as a leadoff hitter.

Locally, he’s even being talked about as an MVP candidate.

In’s mock voting for the MVP, I even received votes.

Based on his second-half performance alone, he is ahead of Aquino, who is the first choice for MVP in the National League.바카라사이트

His wins above replacement is also tied for second with Acuña at 5.6, meaning that starting Kim would give you 5.6 more wins than if you used a league-average player.

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