“Come on, everyone, face the field and salute!”

The final day of the round of 32 at the Presidential Baseball Tournament at Shinwol Baseball Stadium in Seoul. The first game of the day saw Gyeonggi Sanggo showcase its dominance in the two-hitter, winning a 13-0 five-inning cold game in just over an hour and 40 minutes. The aftermath of the Cheongnyonggi Championship quarterfinals carried over to the President’s Cup.

“This year is good, but next year will be even better,” said Choi Deok-hyun, head coach of Gyeonggi Sango. Ace Lim Jin-mook and catcher Han Ji-yoon are still in their sophomore year, and we have a sophomore returning from injury among our shortstop talent. It’s worth looking forward to next year,” he said with confidence.

The results were impressive, but what was even more impressive was what the players did next. Suddenly, the players lined up in a line that stretched from home plate to third base and faced the outfield, removing their hats and giving a 90-degree salute. It was a unique scene that can only be seen in student baseball.

“I learned it from the coach. In the classroom, we greet the teacher at the end of class. Of course, we greet the manager/coaches after the game. But we also thank the field for making it possible for us to play injury-free.” The players explained the meaning of the greeting.

In fact, this culture isn’t just limited to game day. In some schools, after a training session or game, when they’re done cleaning up, the players stand in a line and face the school or field to show respect. They do it naturally, without anyone telling them to. This single act can end up being an important means of socialization/resocialization.메이저사이트

In particular, for Gyeonggi Sango, the round of 32 match was the last game in Xinyue, so they may have done it out of respect. Some may say that this behavior comes from old-fashioned thinking, but if you think about it in terms of learning manners and character rather than the behavior itself, it can be accepted as a unique culture in school sports.

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